Terms and Condition

Studio and Payment Policies.

1. Students are required to pay for their lessons prior to the start of their class.

2. Any late payments per class will not be regarded as part of a bundled package rate.

3. For bundled packages, each student is expected to turn up weekly on the scheduled class day and time. Students are to provide a minimum of 24-hours notice for class cancellation to prevent forfeiting the fees of that particular lesson. If notified, we will assist to arrange for a replacement session during a similar class. This is subjected to space and instructor availability. Replacement sessions may result in a change of instructor.

4. Bundled package of 4 and 12 lessons may not exceed the time frame of 5 weeks (4 lessons package) and 15 weeks (12 lessons package) from the period of sign up or continuation of lessons. Any remaining sessions unexpended after the aforementioned expiry timeframe will henceforth be forfeited. Individual cases may be reviewed if notified with sufficient notice. Examples include, unforeseen serious health or family related circumstances or early planned travel plans (2 weeks in advance).

5. pARTakers Studio is not obligated to answer or reply to any emails, calls or texts on Sundays and after 8pm everyday. With regards to the 24hour prior notification for class cancelation, please text or whatsapp us and the timestamp of your message will be noted.

6. Paid lesson fees will not be refunded but may be rescheduled and transferred to a different date within the expiration timeframe.

7. pARTakers studio reseve all rights to close a class temporarily due to any reasons. Students affected will be notified and their expiration timeframe for their bundled package will be adjusted accordingly.

8. Any severe damage to the studio’s property, its belongings, or the building it is in, will have to be compensated either financially or by replacement by the individual responsible or their parent/guardian. Examples include, broken furniture, irreparable vadalism or damage to items, furniture, walls and/or floor and damaged artworks. As this is an art studio, accidental messes in the classroom and workshop area are expected, therefore each case will be reviewed individually based on action, intention, location, degree of damage and/or loss of function of an object.

9. pARTakers Studio will not be liable for any illnesses or injuries sustained in the studio. We are very strict in observing safety procedures and will not allow the use of knives or scissors for children who are not proficient to use them unless the parent/guardian allows it. Any use of sharp or heated materials will be closely monitored by our instructors or carried out by them. Adults are to be responsible with the tools they use.

10. As we are operate by appointment only, students are advised to arrive no earlier than 15 mins prior to the start of class and parents/guardians are to pick up them up no later than 15 mins after the session ends. This is to ensure that there is always an available instructor to look after the children, as well as to prevent the clashing of any back to back classes if any. If there is repeated lack of cooperation on this matter, we may have to impose a fine.

11. Payment can be made via our company UEN or bank transfer before the semester.