pARTakers studio is an intimate art studio designed for young minds and the young at heart.

For Young Minds

Our intimate space is the starting point for your child’s limitless imagination. A space that inspires the capacity for creativity and imagination. A space where young minds are encouraged to draw connections between reality and their imaginations, using inquiry-based learning, exploring materials, embracing mistakes, and envisioning solutions.

For the Young-At-Heart

We invite you to unleash your imagination, fulfill your artistic dreams, have fun, or to simply escape the grind of adult life. Whatever your reason to visit, we welcome you.


Young Minds

12 lessons per semester

Group Class

1 teacher to 3 beloveds
Minimum 2 to start a class

One time off registration fees : $50
(not applicable for trial lesson)

Trial lesson : $35 ( 1 time off )

$200 per month (4 lessons)

Special rate:
$550 per semester (12 lessons)

Young Minds

Maximum 3 beloveds per class

Young Explorers

for children age 4.5 to 8
(class size : 3)

This programme involves tactile art-making for young explorers to experiment with a variety of materials. An opportunity to refine gross and fine motor skills through sketching, drawing, painting and craft techniques.

Young Conquerors

for children age 9 to 12
(class size : 3)

This programme aims to develop creativity and active questioning in young conquerors, by the conceptualisation and creation of visuals through drawing, painting, printing and sculpture. Young conquerors will draw inspirations from aspiring artists of times’ past.

They will also explore the world through sensory activities, thoughtful reflections and imagination as they acquired technical skills at their pace.

Young Visionaries

for children above age 7
(class size : 3)

This programme is for young visiona ies with the keen interest to master painting. It will focus on composition, different painting techniques and rendering.

Holiday Programs

for children above age 5
(class size : 3)

This programme aims to develop creativity and active exploration in young beloveds by the conceptualisation and creation of visuals through a wide range of mediums.


Young At Heart

AGE: Forever Young




Drawing helps your child develop his or her fine motor skills as they master sharp lines, smooth curves and delicate shading.


Oil pastels help children translate their imagination into colourful, vibrant works of art.


Watercolours teach your child about transformations – how different things can blend together to create a more beautiful whole.


Acrylic painting introduce children to a riot of colours that stimulate the senses and encourage greater creativity.


Sculpture helps your child understand the importance of having a stable structure to underpin their creative expression.


Ink may be permanent, but mistakes are not – as your child further masters their fine motor skills, they also learn to let go and trust that their creativity will flow.


Mixed medium allows your child to work with a range of complementary and clashing materials to build something cohesive and meaningful to them.

Questions That Everyone Asked

We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions. Should you have other enquiries, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at

How do I go about enrolling my child?

Simply go to Contact Us page?

How long is each session?

1 hour

What is the student-teacher ratio?

Our classes have an intimate ratio of 1 art instructor to 2-3 beloved children.

Do you do private classes?

Yes, we do. Please drop us an email.

Do you provide materials?

Yes, we do and the art materials are child friendly.

What if my beloved is late for class?

You may still send your child for class as there will not be a replacement class. We encourage your child to be punctual.

What if I am late to pick my beloved up?

Please inform us earlier. However, we seek your understanding that we may have concurrent classes happening and will be unable to attend to your child.

Can I request for a replacement class for my child at the last minute?

We will review it on a case by case basis. If the conditions are possible, we will do a replacement class.

Do you conduct classes for children with special needs?

We strongly encourage your beloved child to attend a trial lesson as we want to make sure your child feels comfortable and safe. We endeavor to provide the best learning environment for your child.