We want to grow with your beloved child and every young-at-heart individual to become partakers of imagination, creativity and empathy through Art and play.

At pARTakers Studio, individuals will learn to explore the world through enquiry-based learning, engaging in sensory and tactile activities and thoughtful reflection.

If you are looking for a place to discover your Creativity at YOUR pace, pARTakers Studio is for You.


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison

Our philosophy centers around first building the character of each child, followed by creative skill. We adopt a studio thinking and choice-based concept in which children are empowered with freedom, time, space and responsibility to make creative and artistic decisions. Children are encouraged to stay opened to possibilities, develop comfort with ambiguity through guided explorations and build confidence in their individual creative expressions. We want to nature innovative minds to be adaptable with in every challenges and environment.

pARTakers Studio is an intimate art studio designed for young minds and the young at heart.

Young Minds

AGE: 4.5 – 12 years old

Young At Heart

AGE: Forever Young


Our classes will help your child develop their visual, spatial and auditory skills through stretch and explore activities, thoughtful reflection and collaboration. As they work with different materials and stimuli their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and tactile sensory systems develop and mature.

We impart not only creative techniques but also positive attitudes to put various values and skills to use in their day to day life. We encourage every beloved child to become confident to take risks, and stand secure knowing that failure is never permanent –each a lesson bringing them closer to the success their own hearts have set on.

In pARTakers Studio, academic pressure does not exist. We aim to give ‘fun-at-work- its due and a space to thrive, advocates flexibility and freedom for every individual to achieve their own creative goals.








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